Win 2008 R2 file server: Shares unresponsive temporarily. Reboot helps

I have seen this several times on different installations. Fileservers stops responding to requests against shares on that server.

Sometimes users with roaming profiles stored on that server gets a temporary profile.

And they cannot connect to network shares on that fileserver.

A reboot of the server helps.

I cannot see any cpu, memory, disk performance issues when this happen, but I can be wrong on this.

What can I do next time except rebooting the server? Can I check some service or what?
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The Event Log is generally a good place from which to start.

I would also try a continuous Ping to the server from a workstation to confirm that it doesn't have basic network problems.
itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
Event log on the file server shows nothing interesting.

On the clients i can see this in event log:
Application log: Event 4098 RPC server is unavailable
Application log: Event 1521 Specified network name is no longer available
How is DNS configured on the workstations and on the server?
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itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
Why should DNS be a problem when it works 99,9% of the time? And when the problem occours it helps rebooting the file server, not the DNS server.
Without knowing what is doing DNS, I wouldn't know if rebooting the file server also reboots DNS.

If workstations have a secondary DNS that won't resolve locally, this sort of problem can occur if it switches over to the secondary DNS (e.g. because the primary is busy at the moment).

It would be useful to know if the file server can be pinged (by number and by name) when the problem is occurring.

When the problem occurs, can you access the shares on the file server from the same file server?

I'm trying to separate sharing issues from basic communication issues.

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itpartner_danmarkAuthor Commented:
This is not happening very often so I have to wait until next time to test pinging.
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