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How to activate Service application "Secure Store Service" through powershell?
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to create a Secure Store Server application please run the following Powershell cmdlet:
$SecStoreServiceApp = New-SPSecureStoreServiceApplication –ApplicationPool "Secure Store Service" –AuditingEnabled:$false –DatabaseServer "YourSharePointSQLServer" –DatabaseName "SecureStoreService" –Name "Secure Store Service App"
    New-SPSecureStoreServiceApplicationProxy –Name "Secure Store Service App Proxy" –ServiceApplication $SecStoreServiceApp -DefaultProxyGroup

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See MSDN / Technet:

Are you wanting to provision a new Service Application, or simply make sure the existing one is running?  If provisioning, Rainer's got the right code - but a script to make sure it's running doesn't make sense... if provisioned, it should be running all the time (Unlike SharePoint 2010's User Profile Sync Service, which has a nasty habit of stopping)
dkumeriAuthor Commented:
Thanks, is it possible to add App pool service aaccount in the srcript as well?
FastFngrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The -applicationpool is a required parameter in the command, thereby implying the service account that would have already been defined in the Application pool before this command was run.
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