Xenapp access through Storefront and Netscaler

We are currently trying out Storefront 2.0 with our existing XenApp 5 farm and have the server working if access directly however through our Netscaler it only works very occasionally. Most often the receiver window sits at "Connecting" indefinitely or we receive a 1030 error.

We used the wizard to configure the session policy and it does work sometimes but even from the same computer a few minutes later it does not work. The STA server addresses match on the storefront server and Netscaler Global Settings and Virtual Server settings. We have also tried FQDN and IP addresses both result in the same problems. We have enabled STA logging and can see the user being authenticated correctly.

I couldnt see anything on the configuration guide regarding setting the connection to Gateway Translated like you used to do with the Web Interface site so i wonder if it might be to do with that?
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Daniel BorgerConnect With a Mentor Senior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
IF it's getting connected I would assume the configuration is good. intermittent failures may indicate something is not right though. If you are using more than 1 Storefront server you may want to test against one at a time as well as a single STA. you should also limit the servers used by storefront for application enumeration and see if one of them is failing.
graememutchAuthor Commented:
Proved to be faulty STA config (2nd STA server wasnt working properly)
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