Win 7 client not logging into win 2003 domain properly

Currently all clients are xp and have no issues logging into the server.

I am replacing one of the xp computers with a Win7 machine.  The user and password are accepted, but roaming profile, folder redirection, and script processing (via group policy) is not taking place.

Any thoughts?

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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
Probably have to install RSAT on the machine.

This is explained here:

There have been changes in the settings so some gp settings may apply while others may not because they techincally have different definitions.
Do other group policies get applied to the machine?

Run gpresult.exe from an elevated command prompt and see which GPO's are being applied to the user you are logged in as.
I think what NRhode means is that the Policies under Windows 7 are different than those for XP.  You can import the ADMX files to the central Group Policy store on your servers by copying the files into the SYSVOL directory.

Follow this:

But before blaming the policy definitions, let's first see if there's a scoping issue or something else preventing application of the policy.

Try gpresult first.
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SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
On the client computer check the event log application/system you will get evidence to troubleshoot further.
PaulWolpertAuthor Commented:
Strange, when I logged on the win7 machine a second time, the redirected folders appeared, and the login script processed. Profile data was missing, which makes sense.

From what I have read, the profile and redirection data has changed for Win7.  The number of machines I will have going onto Win7 is small and I can start fresh on profiles and redirection.  From what I am reading above, the Group Policy changes are for 2008, can they also be used in 2003?  If so does it create any problems for the machines remaining on xp?
SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
One thing about using XP and Vista/Windows 7 on the same domain is that the there are 2 different roaming profiles since the roaming profiles for XP and Vista/Windows 7 are not compatible. In the folder where you have your roaming profiles located, you will have two folders for each user:


So if your username is Frank, you will a folder named Frank for your Windows XP roaming profile, and a folder named Frank.V2 for your Windows Vista/7 roaming profile.
Because of the separate folders, the two roaming profiles will not share information.

For details see this Support guidelines for migrating roaming user profiles data to Windows Vista or to Windows Server 2008:
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