How do I create a ThinApp Repo? I get error message:Failed to access the network path

Good morning all,

I am trying to add a ThinApp repository in view administrator.
It is strange, if i add the share path of the main share folder, it accepts it.
But, if I try to add one of the folders inside the share folder, i get the error message: "Failed to access the network path."
How to I resolve this?
The main share folder has several folders in it, each one for it's own purpose.
In that main share folder I have a folder called "VMwareRelated", then inside that folder I have the folder called "ThinAppRepo".
For example, I enter: \\nameofServer\mainsharefoldername     : that is accepted
But if I enter:     I enter: \\nameofServer\mainsharefoldername\VMwareRelated\ThinAppRepo     : that is not accepted

I made sure the permission on that folder :     "ThinAppRepo"     has full permissions for everyone,my view users, my domain admin, system
But still it does not accept it.
I am leaving on vacation on Sunday and I need this to be working to I can add my thinapps so I can use it while on vacation if i need them.
I do not want to carry my laptop(it's a monster), I rather carry my ipad or surface.

My repo, I am trying to add it to my NAS.
There is a specific share folder for users to have access to with it's own volume.
That is the one that gets accepted when I try to add the repo, but when I try to use one of the folders in it, i get that error message.

Please Help.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAsked:
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There are several aspects to this question so I will try and address each here.

First let's discuss storage.  Assuming this is a NetApp Filer, there are some issues to be aware of when placing a ThinApp repository on a filer - primarily due to NetApp's unique file system which has handles executable access a bit differently than standard CIFS / SMB shares. If I remember correctly, the issues manifest themselves sporadically because of the way VMware ThinApp locks the EXEs. I am not placing blame on either technology here, just noting the "sporadic incompatibilities" which sometimes occur.  And while this may not be your issue here (it sounds like you can execute fine), it is something to note.

Most of the time in these scenarios I see incorrect permissions on the storage device where the users were given READ permissions but not EXECUTE permissions - but again, sounds like this isn't an issue here.

Workaround for Both:
In both of the above cases, a common workaround is to setup a new share on a Windows server and give everyone full control on the share and on the folders/files within. This isn't something you want to leave enabled but it will help isolate the issues you are having.

Troubleshooting ThinApp Share In View Admin UI:
This ThinApp blog article, "Invalid MSI and Why" discusses a number of specific reasons which may be causing the issue you are experiencing.

I have seen a number of customer shift from using the ThinApp interface in the view Admin UI to just using THINREG.EXE or the THINAPP SDK within their View desktops. While this isn't done through a GUI (command line through a login script to script via a GPO), it provides greater flexibility to administrators when combined with the use of PermittedUsers (or PermittedComputers) within the PACKAGE.INI of each ThinApp package as it can dynamically assign apps to users by group on login and removes apps automatically when users no longer have permissions to the app (by being removed from the group providing access).

There are a number of videos which show this as well.
App Entitlement Video

Hope this helps!

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j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
I will have to activate again my trial version vmware view and see if i can do as you mentiioned
Send me your email in a private message and I'll see what I can do about that.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
My apologies for late response.
Some of what you said helped out but also, I created the thinapps but as it beining managed by vmware manager. That was first problem.
The second problem was the repo share name could not have the full path it had to be the name only.  I had to give it share to "evevryone".
That took care of the problem.
Good to hear.  Let me know if you need assistance with the trial license if that is still an issue.
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