VFP9 vfpcompression Not Working

I need to unzip a file from within VFP 9. I found a couple of different solutions, but as of yet have had no success using any of them.

My latest attempt is with vfpcompression.fll, which looks to be very straightforward. I found what appears to be three different versions available for download. I'm using the latest one I could find, from Dec 2008.

Basically all you do is:
SET LIBRARY TO (pcLibrariesDir) + "vfpcompression.fll"

Open in new window

lcFileName is the full path and file name of the file to be unzipped. It will be unzipped into the same directory. Seems pretty simple.

Yet I have been attempting to get this simple task to work now for more than two hours.

I found in another forum that you need to have both msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll in the same directory as vfpcompression.fll, which they are.

I have no idea why this is not working.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Doug Hennig, a senior FoxPro expert who has used the product since its release, has a good article on this.

There are two versions of Craig’s library. VFPCompression.FLL (80K) requires the Visual C++ 8.0 runtime (MSVCR80.DLL) while VFPCompression71.FLL (148K) requires version 7.1 of that runtime (MSVCR71.DLL).

MSVCR71.DLL is one of the required files for VFP applications, so you may wish to use
VFPCompression71.FLL so you don’t have to install MSVCR80.DLL on the user’s system if they don’t already have it.

in a few words, you need MSVCR80.DLL for the library you use.
formadmirerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.

Of the versions I've found, none are vfpcompression71. They all unzip to vfpcompression, all the way back to the 2006 release.

A google search turned up no download for vfpcompression71.fll, none that I could find anyway.

I did check my system for MSVCR80.dll and it is found in various locations. So I added the most recent incarnation to the libraries dir in my project, the same dir where vfpconnection.fll is. The result was the same, no unzip.

At this point I have tried every imaginable scenario using UnzipOpen, Unzip, UnzipClose and UnzipQuick.

I've tried with and without quotes around the pathnames.

I've tried every conceivable dll in the libraries directory where vfpcompression.fll resides.

I've tried each of the versions of vfpcompression that I was able to find and download.

I've literally worked with this for hours with absolutely no luck whatsoever.

All I'm attempting to do is unzip a file downloaded from SourceForge: wput-pre0.6.zip
I even considered that the extra period might be causing an issue, so I first rename the file to simply wput.zip. Of course this does nothing.

At this stage I'm afraid all I can do is present a messagebox saying they'll need to unzip the file for themselves.
If you were interested in an alternative approach I use WinRAR and execute it within VFP applications with Command lines.

A reference to how to use it might be:

Good Luck
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formadmirerAuthor Commented:
OMG I just found out that the downloaded zip is actually corrupted. This has likely been the problem all along.

The source zip is fine, it's what I'm using to download that's causing the problem.

I'll work on this part and post back my unzip results once I have a good file to work with.

Of all the thing I thought of this never even occurred to me - geez!

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formadmirerAuthor Commented:
As soon as I fixed the download issue the zip extraction worked like a charm.
Thanks for the help, it really was very much appreciated.
formadmirerAuthor Commented:
I apologize. I did not request the question be closed without awarding points.

Not sure what the issue is. With nearly 200 questions answered I've never had this issue before.

I will see that the points are awarded as they should be. Sorry.
formadmirerAuthor Commented:
As soon as I fixed the download issue the zip extraction worked like a charm.
Thanks for the help, it really was very much appreciated.
Jesús Hernán Cano MartínezCommented:
Hi, friends.
I am using VFPCompression in several applications and in differente computers, both in x86 as x64, win7, win8x and win10.

But now in just one PC I am receiving "...library invalid..." dispite msvcr71.* are in the same dir: win10, x64 (in other computers with same features the apps runs fine, as expected).

Where can I find vfpcompression71, vfpcompression80 and vfpcompression90? In several URLs from SweetPotato I only receive same VFPCOmpression.fll with 80 kb.

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