How to insert printer commands into a MS Word doc to determine printer tray

I have a HP Laser Jet Pro M401dne and P3015X with 2 and 3 trays respectively.

How do I insert Printer control codes into the document to send a print job to multiple trays e.g page 1 to tray 1 page 2 to tray 2.

We are using a PCL5 Driver for the M401dne and PCL6 for the P3015X, botha are installed on the Server (windows 2003) . The clients are mostly Windows 7 Pro and a few XP Pro running MS Office 2010 Pro.

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Use the Word PRINT field code mechanism; see

For example:

{ PRINT 27"&l4H" }

will pass the PCL5 escape sequence

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(which should cause the printer to select the source tray with identifier 4 - note that this is an internal identifier, and not the same as as the external, user visible, tray number); these identifiers are not necessarily the same on different printer models.

You will not be able to use this technique with a PCL6 driver, since the PCL6 (PCL XL) Page Description Language is totally different to the escape-based PCL5 PDL; there is no equivalent mechanism (it would be too complex to do, due to the nature of the PCL XL PDL).
ASPDaddyAuthor Commented:
Do you know how I can dtermine the Tray ID for the Printer Trays

Do you know any alternative approach for PCL6 to send output to a pre-determined tray

>> ... Do you know how I can dtermine the Tray ID for the Printer Trays ...

HP used to publish this detail in the User Guide manual appropriate to each printer model, but they don't seem to do it for all current models.

You could use the Tray Map utility in the PCL Paraphernalia application (available via ) to generate test jobs which include user-specified identifiers, to try to find out the relevant tray identifier(s) on a 'try this and see what happens' basis (but bear in mind that an unsupported identifier value will cause the printer to use either the default tray, or perhaps the last used tray).

>> ... Do you know any alternative approach for PCL6 to send output to a pre-determined tray  ...

I don't think that any standard drivers provide any way that an application (e.g. Word) can use driver PassThrough mechanisms to insert Page Description Language constructs, specific to PCL XL, at the correct point in a PCL XL print stream, due to the highly structured nature of this PDL.

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ASPDaddyAuthor Commented:
Very clear!
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