Direction/Help for automatically printing PDFs on browser side

My questions is a general one:

I am trying to figure out how to automatically print a dynamically server-side created PDF file streamed out to the client-side browser. I have searched the internet and have not found a solution, whether it be an ActiveX control, java control, or Adobe PDF object, or ???

I am hoping to get a link to an solution, or suggestions, or any help in trying to understand how to do this.

I am fairly certain this is doable with a trusted website and/or an ActiveX control or java control. I just can't find any examples of how to do it.

I have found a website that eludes to it being done:

But not HOW to do it.

I am willing to work in java, VB.Net, javascript, whatever to get this done as I have a background in all of them. But my preferred language is c#.

The solution can be based in Windows browser only, though compatibility would preferably be for all browsers and at least for all Windows based browsers.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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You can initiate the print dialog in js with

But you cannot force a direct print - that is upto the user.
Is this an embedded PDF?

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VirtualMAKAuthor Commented:
The link I gave would indicate there is a way to do this with a trusted website.

I would think you could also do this with a signed ActiveX or java control. Or maybe a client side webservice? Not sure what has to be installed for a webservice to be available on a client machine though - that may not be doable.

But I certainly have not found anything to indicate your statement is wrong. I just find it hard to believe that if there is signed trust on the connection or between client-server objects you can not do this.
Even in the link you gave they are referring to the print dialog - you cannot force a printout without the user themselves actually doing it.
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What is you market? Is this a public facing site or a restricted group.
If it is a controlled market, you could possibly use an ActiveX but you would need to disable a lot of the security built into the browser and would only be for IE
VirtualMAKAuthor Commented:
We are an internet service that processes transactions and prints a receipt, hopefully automatically. I have come across several web articles that eludes to the ActiveX solution but nothing about how to go about it. There has also been some for java based solutions as well, but again nothing 'concrete' on the doing.

Only being IE is fine as our users are controlled and would be able to download the solution ActiveX control prior to use.

I just have no experience with ActiveX controls doing something outside the usual interface extending stuff. How would an ActiveX control interact with outside-of-browser services/applications? That is what I need help with, so a link or an example would be awesome!
VirtualMAKAuthor Commented:
GaryC123 - Also, the link I provided states:

The PDF should open in a new window and print
Be aware that printing is routed to your default printer, so you will need to have a printer connected or
you will need to be able to send your printing to a shared printer at the feis.

This sounds to me like the secondary window automatically prints to the default printer without user interaction. But maybe I am reading that wrong.
In the link it shows the Launch Print Dialog.. with a dropdown. And what they seem to be doing there is local thing and not through a browser.
ActiveX would be out of the question then.
It is possible through Java

I'll add the Java zone to your question
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
* allude

The only way I can think of to do this would be to have a client application that queries a web service (or monitors a file drop) for the PDF in question and prints it locally.  The application could allow the user to specify a printer ahead of time.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Even outside of a browser, I don't know of anything that prints automatically.  None of the programs that I have used since 1980 have ever done that.
I have searched the internet and have not found a solution, whether it be an ActiveX control, java control, or Adobe PDF object, or ???

Exactly what does it take to translate "you can't do that".

The fact that you have not found a solution on the internet and you have been told by experts that you can't do it; should be delivering the message.  The user must agree to the print and indicate that agreement with some action.  The reason is very simple, if you could go to the printer automatically and there is no printer online it might create a fatal error that could cause a serious problem for the user's computer.

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