How to drill down from Group 1 to Group 2


  I have a report that has two groups and the details.
Group1 is License Type.
Group 2 is Checklist Items.
Details have License ID etc.

I would like to show only Group 1 and count(License ID), for the report.
 Then, when drilled down, this should give me the details of Group2 and Count(License ID)
and when i drill further down on Group2, i get the details of License ID Etc.

How can i achieve this?
Please advise.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you also hide the details?

I just built a report that has 2 groups and a detail
I set GH2 and details to HIDE
WHen I click on GH1 values it drills in and shows the GH2 sections
Clicking on GH2 values reveals details

All drilling is done in new tabs

You can use the HIDE option for sections which allows you to drill into them

Right click the section in the left margin
Click HIDE

pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
I did. Hide (Drill Down OK).
 But it works only when i click on Group 2. When clicked on Group2, it goes into details. No issue there.
But when i click on Group 1, it doesn't open Group 2.
What am i missing?
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks! you know what, i got the suppression formulas wrong :)
Thanks again
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