Kronos Schedule Import

We just hired a consultant who will take our data,  do some formula based processing and then sends the employee schedule data back to us.  I have been tasked with loading this data into kronos

Problem is I am not at all familiar with kronos.  I have no idea what format the data should be in let alone how to get it into Kronos

Any body point me to a document that will help explain?
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CompProbSolvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I dealt with Kronos software many years ago so can't speak very authoritatively on this.  Since no one else has responded yet, I thought I'd throw something in.

If you look through all of the menus in Kronos, is there anything about Importing?  That would be an important clue.
johnnyg123Author Commented:
Appreciate the response

Turns out it requires involvement of Kronos professional Services
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