Creating a share with change permissions in Powershell with [WIMCLASS]Win32_Share

When I use the following in powershell it creates a share with read access to


I need the share to have change access to either Everyone or preferably the Domain Users group.  Anyone know how to change it?  I found the info on .Create below that seems to indicate I that I have the first few pieces after .create([in] string Path, [in] string Name, [in] uint32 Type.  I'm guessing I need to add some additional commas with null values until I get to the last one and then add something for [in] Win32_SecurityDescriptor Access, but I don't know what to add and can't find an example.  I apologize for my ignorance, I have zero powershell experience (and not much more experience in scripting of any kind).  

  [in]  string Path,
  [in]  string Name,
  [in]  uint32 Type,
  [in]  uint32 MaximumAllowed,
  [in]  string Description,
  [in]  string Password,
  [in]  Win32_SecurityDescriptor Access
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Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:

The following script should help.

Function Create-FileShare($folder)
    $name = $folder.Name
    $path = $folder.FullName
    $description = "$name"

    $Method = "Create"
    $sd = ([WMIClass] "Win32_SecurityDescriptor").CreateInstance()

    #2032127 = Full Control
    #1245631 = Change
    #1179817 = Read

    #Share with the user
    $ACE = ([WMIClass] "Win32_ACE").CreateInstance()
    $Trustee = ([WMIClass] "Win32_Trustee").CreateInstance()
    $Trustee.Name = $name
    $Trustee.Domain = $Null
    #original example assigned this, but I found it worked better if I left it empty
    #$Trustee.SID = ([wmi]"win32_userAccount.Domain='yourdomain',Name='$name'").sid  
    $ace.AccessMask = 1245631
    $ace.AceFlags = 3 #Should almost always be three. Really. don't change it.
    $ace.AceType = 0 # 0 = allow, 1 = deny
    $ACE.Trustee = $Trustee
    $sd.DACL += $ACE.psObject.baseobject

    #Share with Domain Admins
    $ACE = ([WMIClass] "Win32_ACE").CreateInstance()
    $Trustee = ([WMIClass] "Win32_Trustee").CreateInstance()
    $Trustee.Name = "Domain Admins"
    $Trustee.Domain = $Null
    #$Trustee.SID = ([wmi]"win32_userAccount.Domain='yourdomain',Name='$name'").sid  
    $ace.AccessMask = 2032127
    $ace.AceFlags = 3
    $ace.AceType = 0
    $ACE.Trustee = $Trustee
    $sd.DACL += $ACE.psObject.baseobject        

    $mc = [WmiClass]"Win32_Share"
    $InParams = $mc.psbase.GetMethodParameters($Method)
    $InParams.Access = $sd
    $InParams.Description = $description
    $InParams.MaximumAllowed = $Null
    $InParams.Name = $name
    $InParams.Password = $Null
    $InParams.Path = $path
    $InParams.Type = [uint32]0

    $R = $mc.PSBase.InvokeMethod($Method, $InParams, $Null)
    switch ($($R.ReturnValue))
          0 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Success"; break}
          2 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Access Denied" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          8 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Unknown Failure" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          9 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Invalid Name" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          10 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Invalid Level" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          21 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Invalid Parameter" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          22 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Duplicate Share" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          23 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Reedirected Path" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          24 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Unknown Device or Directory" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          25 {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:Network Name Not Found" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}
          default {Write-Host "Share:$name Path:$path Result:*** Unknown Error ***" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor yellow;break}


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