Migrate W2k AD and Exchange 2007 to SBS 2011

Hello all, I have inherited a network that at one point had an SBS2003 box in place. Currently this has been removed/broken and does not exist however it left behind GP objects and that is how I discovered this find. Now in place for AD DS is W2k server which has Exchange 2007 installed on the same server. I know this is not best practice however it is working but my biggest challenge is that I cannot find any thing certain that I can migrate successfully with SBS2011. The AD is in good standing and has passed all diagnostic tests and Exchange as well has passed diagnostic tests but with a few errors. The errors found however were consistent with another strange issue of the legacy Exchange server was lingering from the SBS2003 install and was never removed properly. I myself worked with MS support to get this removed as the traditional methods were not successful and we had to remove this via registry and ADSI editing. I have never performed a migration of this type before and would like to get some insight from the members on this if anyone has heard/dealt with a situation of this type.

Thanks in Advance
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In order to migrate to a 2011 AD, you need to upgrade the domain level to 2003.  You cannot do this with a 2000 domain controller in your domain, so you'll need to stand up a 2003 server to be a DC and hold all roles while you do the migration.


Specifically, see this:

To prepare the domain for SBS 2011 the tool will complete the following tasks as needed:
•Raise the domain and forest functional level to Windows Server 2003
•Use ADPREP to extend Active Directory schema to Server 2008 R2
•Install hotfix KB943494 to extend SBS co-existence to 21 days (SBS 2003 only)
•Convert Exchange to Native Mode (SBS 2003 only)

It is a somewhat messy situation you have here.  I'd take the opportunity to migrate Exchange 2007 to a separate box running Server 2003 or later (I'd prefer at least 2008 if possible).  Difficulty with this migration is the additional cost simply because the way they have everything setup on 1 single machine right now.

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The previous link I sent you was for 2008 to 2011, but the step I mentioned about your domain functional level (and forest level) still apply.

See this link for the 2003 to 2011 migration:

linqadminAuthor Commented:
I thank you for your response on this matter and yes I have a very messy situation to deal with. I was following the second link on migration from SBS2003 to SBS2011 but just wasn't to confident as nothing out there is really pertinent to my situation. My goal with the post was to get a final thought on what I found to verify (for myself) that this challenge I'm facing is doable however I understand it will be with a bit of work to do. Thanks for the solution.
Good luck with the project.  Post any questions or problems you run into along the way and we'll help you get through this in any way we can!
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