Search mail boxes in Exchange 2007

Is it possible to search all mailboxes and stores on the Exchange 2007 server for a particular email from or too any users email?

i.e. I want to see any user who has received an email from

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The best way to handle this is to use message tracking and add in all servers for your search scope.  You will need to ensure that message tracking was enabled at the time the message was sent.  Check the settings per this article and it also guides you through the use of message tracking.

Part 2 (linked below) explains using the GUI to search for the message:
Joseph DalyCommented:
Yes you can do this.

Something along the lines of

Get-mailbox * | export-mailbox -senderkeywords "some search term" –targetmailbox Searchmailbox -targetfolder foldername

What this command will do is search all mailboxes for the specified search term. It will then pull a copy of that message into the target mailbox into the folder that you specify.

The command line switches can be found here

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Imtiaz HashamTechnical Director / IT ConsultantCommented:
You can not see people's mailboxes
Joseph DalyCommented:
Message tracking will work only if the tracking logs are still available. If the message was sent or received after the period for logs it will not help.

The powershell above searches all mail in the mailboxes.

Both could possibly work for you just depends on your situation.
Imtiaz HashamTechnical Director / IT ConsultantCommented:
The log will not show you the email in the mailbox
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