sonic wall

  we have a sonic wall tz200 that im guessing is a basic router since it is not registered anymore and was reset.   we have our t1 access in the wan port and have internet access to pc via the lan port. (see file attached)  we are about to plug a dvr box into one of the free ports and would like to access it from the outside world via port 7000.
what do we need to do to the sonic wall so that can happen.

what gateway & static ip settings should we assign to the dvr (see attached for what populated by itself) ?  

thanks so much
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Go to Network->Services, and add a service with port 7000, assuming no predefined 7000 port service is there. Remember what you named it.

Go to Firewall->Access Rules and add a rule from WAN to LAN destination port 7000 (whatever you named that service above) Action is Allow. Be sure that is above any general deny or discards)

Depending, you might have to make a NAT rule as well.
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
I so appreciate your help but I still cant get through.  

the port the dvr connected to says unassigned so I tried to assign it.

helpppppp :-(

ps  I have since unassigned the port.  perhaps the dvr settings are not correct as well?

see attached file for details :-0
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
crickets :-(
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I am on vacation for a week but will give you a few thoughts.  You do not have to use a sonic wall interface for the DVR! But if you do it will have to be on a separate LAN from the other LAN and in the LAN zone or create a special zone for it.  You will probably have to NAT to it from public to private. The address doesn't matter if in the same subnet.  Having a 10 address for 2  IPs is a bit overkill but will work.  It would just as easily work with that interface being netmask 255.255,.255.0 and on the DVR same netmask and gateway being the sonic wall interface

How does someone access your Dvr from outside?  Type the public IP with :7000.
Is that what you are doing?

Also there is always Sonicwall tech support to help you with any details.

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StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
@sstory   thank you and I am sorry to bother on your vacation :-(.  I will head your advice and see what I come up with :-).  enjoy your vacay and thanks again :-)
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
bingo!  you rock sstory, even on vacation ;-)
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