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I am building a site for a large church that has a need for basically a website for each ministry.  Im going to use Wordpress to manage it.

They'd like to maintain consistency and have everything start at 1 homepage.

What I'd like to do is alter the content on that page based on what domain the user is coming to the site from.  For example, if they type the main domain, the site is general information but if they use the youth ministry domain, that same page is more geared with Youth information.  I'd like to have a primary navigation for all pages, but if they come from a different domain, i'd like it to auto select a secondary navigation for that ministry.

I realize I could build multiple pages and use domain forwarding but was wondering if there was something more dynamic I could do using wordpress.
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
Don't use that plugin...it's five years old and probably a security nightmare waiting to happen.

As far as the content based on domain goes you have lots of different choices.  Given that multiple domains are in play, I would consider using Multisite and mapping the domains to subdirectories or possible even using subdomains (youth.ministry.org, etc).  I freely admit that multisite might be overkill though.

Less overkill would be to use multiple different home page templates and control which one gets served up using $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] to check the URL given and show a different template in return
I suppose if you are using a single wordpress instance and are willing to dive into the code (PHP, etc) you could possibly see which domain it was and filter what is displayed in each location by some keywork, perhaps, but I'd think the multiple pages option would be the less complicated,

Or maybe something like this:
Why not just have a home page and links to each ministry?  If they are separate pages in word press that is OK?  Example

Is very standard.  If that doesn't exactly match the we generate URL, create a simple HTML,page youth.html that does a redirect to the proper page.

Be advised that multiple domains pointing to the same domain is frowned upon by Google, etc in terms of search results.
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