Groupwise 2012 when opening attached excel spreadsheets a personal copy is created

I have a user that opens excel spreadsheets and when he does it create a personal copy of the same spreadsheet with a little thump tact beside it down in the attachment section of the email dialog box. He is not setup with software integrations and no other users are having this same issue.
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
Is he opening the attachment directly from a received email message?  (Right-click | Open)?

Does everyone have the same version of the GW client?  Excel?

I have LibreOffice and when I send a Calc attachment, receive it and then double-click or right click to open the attachment, it launches fine.  I make a few changes and then save and close the LibreOffice Calc.  When I click Close on the email, I was prompted with the choice to Save the attachment as a "personal attachment".  I clicked Yes and bingo!  I now see exactly what you've written about.

Your user is getting prompted to create a personal attachment (one with the push-pin to the left of the icon) and they are clicking Yes.  If you can re-create using my steps above, trying clicking No after clicking on the Close button and see if you get the personal attachment.

Let me know...


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UtahTNAuthor Commented:
Everyone has the same excel 2003 and GW 2012. Only his creates a modified personal copy and it started only recently therefore something must have changed in the settings . I thought there would be a simple answer but if not I will remove GW and reinstall. He is right clicking and opening attachment.
UtahTNAuthor Commented:
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I tested myself and had the same results as you did. If I modify something or it thinks I modified something and I click yes to save it a personal copy appears.
UtahTNAuthor Commented:
I tested myself and had the same results as you did. If I modify something or it thinks I modified something and I click yes to save it a personal copy appears.
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