How to output rows in sqlite database in iphone app

Hi there, I'm making a iphone app that allows a user to retrieve data via some sql queries.

Basically I have made an app with a sqlite database that I have populated with 1 table and 2 rows (for now) until I get the app working. At that time, I'll add more data.

May I ask how you would recommend I output the data from each rows to the app screen? I have a ui like this:I enter data into a text field, push a button, and I need data to appear in the table view below. But how?
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Hi Mark,

It sounds like you need to get up to speed with the basics.  It is good you are doing some test.  You need to understand and in my opinion use CoreData and not try to go directly to the sqlite database.  This will save you a lot of time and also allow for better cacheing of data like on a UITable where only the data needed will be loaded.

Thus I strongly suggest you doe any and all of Ray Wenderlichs tutorials.  I leant Core Data and did all of his example so that I understood how it worked.

Getting Started with CoreDate

Once you are up and runnng with Core data then you need to know about NSFetchedResultsController

but have a look at all of his tutorials under saving and loading data.

If you have a specific questions on this or any initial worries on why you should do these tutorials then just ask.

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Mark_CoAuthor Commented:
Thank you :)
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