Software to recover corrupted .bak file

We lost 2 disks in our array and our main content database backup for SharePoint 2010 is corrupt.  Has anyone tried any of the software on the net that says it can recover .bak files?  Does it matter that it's from a SharePoint site because the backend is SQL?  One software comes up in so many different search results that I feel like it's spam and untrustworthy.  So if anyone has any experience or heard good things about a program to recover .bak files please  post!  Thanks!
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
where are these back files stored ? are they in the same SAN ? , you can try recovering the pages from the backup if you have one handy
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
We lost our entire SharePoint site.  The .bak file is almost 3 gigs and it stops during the restore process so we have nothing of our old site.  When we backed up the database there was a corruption and we didn't catch it.  When the array rebuilt itself there were multiple issues and problems so we tried to restore from a backup but the backups are corrupt.  There is supposed to be a command that will have the restore process ignore or skip corrupted parts it finds but we don't know how to do that or what the command is.  My supervisor is the one who is working with the database so I'm trying to support by researching and passing along anything useful that I can find.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
There is supposed to be a command that will have the restore process ignore or skip corrupted parts it finds but we don't know how to do that or what the command is.
I suspect you are referring to the RESTORE option CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR

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HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
We were able to recover one document, we can't seem to recover the entire thing but pieces like a list or document if we know where it was.  So we have a glimmer of hope.  But something else my supervisor was trying to recover was being difficult, it could be because there are almost 40 versions of the document.  We have someone looking over the document we recovered and hopefully it seems in good shape and we can salvage more data.

Thank you very much for the help!
HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
Update:  Very happy to reply that the restore with continue_after_error option has worked and we are recovering data and are very relieved.  Thanks again!
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