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Application Redirection

Good afternoon-

I installed a program on my computer from a disc but in order to run the program I will need the disc inserted into my d:\ Drive all the time. Is there another way to point the installed program to files that I copied into a folder from the disc?


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The application has to support doing that. Even if it does, it's not easy to do. Sometimes there is an ini file in the program's folder that contains settings that point to the drive/path. Sometimes there is a Registry setting that does the same thing. And sometimes the app is designed to only run from the disc (that is a common way to try to prevent people from illegally copying programs.)
There are software packages (language learning, IT Training etc.) who ask for CD or DVD to be present all the time even if you have installed software on PC, main problems are (risk of damaging genuine media and you can’t use the drive for other purposes during the time you use that application).

So solutions to avoid that hassle are:

1.      From genuine software (CD or DVD) create ISO Image (there is a free toll to create ISO Images http://www.imgburn.com/ )

2.      Install virtual disc (there is also free software http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-overview.htm )

3.       First scenario if you don’t want to reinstall application is to create ISO Image of CD or DVD disc, mount that image Magic Disc, change the drive letter of physical drive from D to any letter ( to do that right click on icon  My Computer chose Management then Disk Management  right click on drive and change Drive letter (this is for physical drive) then right click on MagicDisc icon and change Drive letter in virtual disc to D and that will do the job so your disc will be always available for application.

4.      Second scenario is to uninstall application create ISO Image of application install MagicDisc load image to virtual drive install application (from virtual drive) and that’s all.
rbondsAuthor Commented:
Thank you. It was a game I installed on my computer but didn't want to keep the disc inside of my CD/DVD Drive.
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