FM 12 Not Printing in Color?

Changed a setting in the PrintOptions for our color printer and Filemaker no longer prints in color, not from a script, not from File:Print, anything.  I also deleted the Print Setup and Print script steps and replaced them with no luck.  I also checked the printer and has plenty of color ink.  Very strange.

Is there a problem with Filemaker 12 and color printing?  I can print in color from any other application on my Win7 PC.  Printer is a HP Color Laserjet CP3505 PCL6.
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OxygenITSolutionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would look at updating the printer driver. I know FM12 crashed on certain printers until the driver was updated.
rvfowler2Author Commented:
Update:  Restarting FM didn't work, so I restarted my PC, printed color fine from PowerPoint, then did a File:Print which printed color.  But when I used the button and script, it went back to B&W again and nothing can change it back.  (Again, I have deleted and readded the script steps for the color printer, Print Setup and Print.)
rvfowler2Author Commented:
That did it.  Thanks.
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