Looking for a host company for my email database.


I had a domain on an old hosting company that was costing me £120 a year, so I moved it to my Heart Internet reseller account.  Heart are brilliant.  Except for sending emails.

This one domain has an email database of about 2500 emails who we need to send monthly newsletters to.  Sometimes more often, but not much.  It's a not for profit arts organisation.

Problem is that Heart have a restriction of 1000 emails in 12 hours, so it's no use, and now takes ages to send newsletters.

Here's  the question: can anyone please reccomend a UK BASED hosting company that will let me send the newsletters and will cost me about £40 a year?


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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
Cris, keep the host you love.  Use a third party smtp service for sending out mail.  You can use http://mandrill.com/ (mail chimp) and send 11,000 emails for free per month.  If you pay an added $29 per month, you get your own IP.  I use both Mandrill.com and sendgrid.com and like them both.
CrisThompsonUKAuthor Commented:
Rock on.  And it only took 1 minute to set up!

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