Event ID 2915. User over budget with EAS

Getting this error consistently with some users of ActiveSync. The error is confusing because it refers to a setting I cannot find in the Default Throttle Policy. It refers to MaxConcurrency but there are several MaxConcurrency settings in the policy. The error is:

Process w3wp.exe () (PID=5456). User 'Sid~doman\user~EAS~false' has gone over budget '69' times for component 'EAS' within a one minute period. Info: 'Policy:DefaultThrottlingPolicy_c04d3e65-c068-4e56-8455-80838a48e380, Parts:MaxConcurrency:68;'. Threshold value: '20'.

Now, I am looking at all settings that have a threshold of 20 and the only ones I think that would apply to EAS are rcamaxconcurrency and cpamaxconcurrency. Not sure why they just don't say the specific setting in the error log entry. I am guessing this user just syncs more folders than anyone else and I want to assign them a different policy but not sure which setting to change.
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Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:

The RcaMaxConcurrency parameter specifies how many concurrent connections an RPC Client Access user can have against a server running Exchange 2013 at one time.

RPC Client Access is typically Outlook itself, not ActiveSync.

The CpaMaxConcurrency parameter specifies how many concurrent connections a cross-premises user can have against an Exchange server at one time.

So if they are not a cross-premises user, that has no relevance.


Maybe you need to look at:

The EASMaxConcurrency parameter indicates how many concurrent connections a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync user can have against a server running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 at one time. A connection is held from the moment a request is received until a response is sent in its entirety to the requestor. If users attempt to make more concurrent requests than their policy allows, the new connection attempt fails. However, the existing connections remain valid. The EASMaxConcurrency parameter has a valid range from 0 through 2147483647 inclusive. The default value is 10. To indicate that the number of concurrent connections should be unthrottled (no limit), this value should be set to $null.
shadowtuckAuthor Commented:
Well I don't know what a cross-premises user is. This might be RPC even though its Active Sync because EASMaxConcurrency seems to be tied to EASMaxDevices. The default for both settings is 10 in the default throttle policy but we changed are EASMaxDevices to 2 and the EASMaxConcurrency changed to 2 by itself along with EASMaxDevices so these settings might be for the same thing but just with different names.

Besides, the event log entry said the setting was currently set to 20 and my EASMaxConcurrency is currently set to 2 so I don't think its talking about that setting. The only settings in the policy that are set to 20 are rcamaxconcurrency and cpamaxconcurrency. This is a setting for POP3 also but its obvious that is not the one.
Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
Then may I suggest, change each of those settings to a different number.  

Change one to 22 and one to 24.

Then get the error to re-occur.

Then if it reports 20 still, it's neither, and if it reports 22 or 24, you have your culprit?

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Vijaya Babu SekarAssociate Ops ManagerCommented:
You may refer the below link. it would be helpful to fix the issue. and refer my blog also.



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