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Flag records based on service date

Please see attached excel file for sample data.
I want to mark records from the same customer as Index / ReIndex  (in the service_type column) based on the following rule:

Flag all records with svc_order =1 as 'Index' in Service_type column.

If customer_id is same
and svc_order>1
and DateDiff in days (svc_start_date for previous record where svc_order = svc_order-1, same customer_id) <=30

Then Flag it as Re-Index.

Attached sample data in excel file.
service_Type column will be initially null and updated as mentioned in the above logic.

How can I accomplish this using sql?
1 Solution
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
UPDATE myTable
SET service_type =
      WHEN svc_order = 1 THEN 'Index'
      WHEN DATEDIFF(DAY, myTablePrev.svc_start_date, myTable.svc_start_date) <= 30 THEN 'RE-Index'
FROM myTable
LEFT OUTER JOIN myTable AS myTablePrev
   ON myTable.customer_id = myTablePrev.customer_id
   AND myTable.svc_order = myTablePrev.svc_order + 1
patd1Author Commented:
Awesome. Thank you.
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