Add an outbound Exchange delay

I have a client running SBS 2011 that wants to add a 2 minute delay before sending any emails to allow for the oh S^%T factor when you realize what did I just send.

I know how to do this via outlook rules, however they want it to work whether sent by outlook, OWA, ActiveSync, or even BES
Jeff NagelPresidentAsked:
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
There is no such option available from client end.
Nathan PSystems ArchitectCommented:
None of those other (non-outlook) protocols have a 2 minute 'cancel that silly email otherwise I'll regret it' functionality!

The best the client could hope for is that they run to the exchange server under the 2 minute window and pull the ethernet cable out.  Not so helpful out and about and sending the email via ActiveSync or BES anyways.

Tell them to grow up, and count the two minutes out themselves.

PS: There is minimal support for this in Outlook.  This turns on a feature that means that after you click Send, each message remains in the Outbox folder for the time that you specified.
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