Testing Lync 2010 Failover

I'm attempting to test failover of our Lync 2010 Enterprise infrastructure.

All servers are 2k8R2.
Lync 2010 topology:
2 FE Pools - "WestFE" & "EastFE"
2 servers per pool - (WestFE01/WestFE02 & EastFE01/EastFE02)

2 Edge Pools - "WestEdge" & "EastEdge"

2 SQL Stores
2 Archiving Servers
2 Monitoring Servers

Does anyone have knowledge on how to carry out a failover test? I am thinking of just disabling the NICS in VMware to simulate the failover condition.
Does Lync 2010 automatically failover or is some manual intervention required.

netjammerSystems EngineerAsked:
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Jeff_SchertzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This depends, are you using a basic Pool Pairing or Metropolitan Site Resiliency?  For pairing there is nothing you need to change on the server-side, it's entirely up to the clients to attempt to connect to their assigned Backup registrar after certain criteria are met.  For Metro site fail-over there are a number of manual steps which need to be completed as site fail-over is not automatic.

The following articles are good resources for each type of HA solution offered in Lync Server 2010:

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