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Write an application to pre-sell a limited number of cinema tickets. Each buyer can buy as many as 4 tickets. No more than a 100 tickets can be sold. Implement a program called ticket seller that prompts the user for the desired number of tickets and then displays the number of remaining tickets. Repeat until all tickets have been sold, and then display the total number of buyers. I have no idea on where to even begin with this can you help?
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krakatoaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If homework, this site expects you to do some attempt at coding first. Thanks.

Having said that, you'd make some headway if you ignore the programming side first, and write out the flow logic of what you'd expect to happen - and by putting yourself in the position of the buyer of a ticket, you'd doubtless stumble across some ideas of how it should all be handled for the best. You'd need a variable to store the total number of tix available, a way of checking the return visits of the punter(s) so that you can limit their purchases,(this at first glance seems the most challenging part of it all), and a loop enclosing the whole thing that finishes - presumably - when all the tickets are sold. If this is the case (which might never happen in real life), then you'd need a separate way of shutting down the programme and reporting on what has been done to that point.
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