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Is there a 3rd party application or some type of transport rule that delays the transmission of external emails?  Here's the scenario.  User A send an email to inhouse recipients B, C, and D.  But..  E was an external recipient outside of the company.  This email should not have gone to recipient E.  Recipient B,C, and D noticed it.. But..  It already left the email server for external delivery.  Now, is there a way to hold external/remote delivery for 2 mins or so?  This will allow the internal recipients to stop it for they noticed the error and the original sender did not.
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Chinthaka_ShameeraConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Exchange does not provide any direct method to do this. But as a workaround you can set delay time period via Outlook.

Or use Moderation for the external emails. All External emails has to approved by the Moderator. See below example. use transport rule for the external emails.
wynandkunkelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is possible, but does not always work, to recalls mails once sent.

Delaying mail is not part of Exchange, and since essentially SMTP is a store and forward technology, it should be technically possible to artificially introduce a delivery delay.

It would h be easier to get the users to properly check their handiwork, before pressing "Send"...
Vijaya Babu SekarAssociate Ops ManagerCommented:
Could you please check internet header file information from outlook. so that you can fidnd where is the delay.

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