Wordpress site problem

I have a wordpress website that I created for for a client.  Let's call the website sullivaninsurance.com (not the real address, but the problem occurs with this name).
The problem occurs when a web visitor goes to google.com and searches for my client's business name.  What happens is the first listing that comes up (under paid listings) is for a site run by insurancestep.com showing our site with 75% discounts for insurance.  It will bring the visitor to sullivaninsurancestep.com/quote (note the addition of 'step' to the end of the domain name.  This site is not related to us in any way.  Their phone number is invalid and their contact page does not work.

I have been told this is an SEO problem that could be resolved, but I don't know how to do it.

Can someone lead me in the correct direction to fix this?
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Has your site been hijacked?


Any strange lines of code appearing?
Until they will receive many visitors, you will not be able to jump over that position.

The things you can do, are:
- investigate the owner of the domain and try to contact them, saying that this behaviour could lead them to a complaint;
- if that doesn't work, ask to a lawyer the better and faster way to stop them.

In the meanwhile, you can submit a report to Google:

Then, some work on the SEO side could lead you to gain a better position.

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Are you saying someone is impersonating your website name in the Adwords listing?

Can you give a real search example where I can see it.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
The problem here is complex.  The second site (site-step.com) is abusing Google AdWords to position themselves on each of their competitor's brands.  So searching for your client's brand name will of course match the paid result that Google would much rather people click on as it makes them money.

Whoever told you this was a simple SEO problem is wrong.  This is a quasi-legal (copyright) issue, a flaw with Google, and pretty much out of your control.

You can attempt to contact AdWords support and make them aware of the issue.  You can attempt to report the offending domain as spam (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreport).  Outside of that, your next move would be a lawsuit against the domain holder for abusing the copyright on the brand.
Well if they are using your url in the display url for their ads that is a violation of Adwords terms
As Jason said contact Google, if they don't do anything within 24 hours, get your solicitor to email them.
Dear Sirs, nobody here sayd that the problem is on the Adwords side...
It is NOT an Adwords abuse: it seems that they pollute the organic search results with a spam acitivity; they receive more click, as they offer discounts, so they go up.
I answered before, what i think you can do to resolve the problem.
It's nothing to do with search results.
...and as you have an Adwords account phone them directly.
You're right, Gary. I took a better look to the initial message.
It regards the Adwords auction; he can offer more or report the abuse.
jhillbosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the replies.  I tried contacting insurancestep.com.  Their contact phone number 'has not been activated'!  Their contact page results in 'SMTP Error! Could not connect to SMTP host.'

I cannot reach them at all.

I did post a complaint at Google as marajah suggested.

The real site name is wedontneedtoknowthat.com.
There would be no point in contacting them.
You still haven't said what exactly it is they are doing - are they impersonating your name, url ...?
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
You said that the rogue site comes "under paid listing"
would that mean "in the paid listing area" or "after the paid listing area"?

First case is a legal case (they are parasiting you) which you can probably resolve amiably with Adwords

Second case is mainly a SEO case BUT you can get some help from Google (the search people, not the adwords one) if you give them elements proving that they are using black-hat techniques.
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