aix security/user file change

How would you change the password segment in the /etc/security/user for a certain user to be !!password!! and also how would you set the account to never expire?
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no "password" segment in /etc/security/user.

If you mean changĂ­ng the password in /etc/security/passwd:

echo "username:!!password!!" |chpasswd

The file will then contain the encrypted version of "!!password!!"

If you want to have the original string "!!password!!" in the file run

echo "username:!!password!!" |chpasswd -e

In either case you should then run

pwdadm -c username

to avoid prompting for a new password at next login

Storing the original string "!!password!!" in the file /etc/security/passwd will effectively inhibit any login by the concerned user.

The same can be achieved more straightforwardly with

chuser -a account_locked=true username

Set the account password to never expire

chuser maxage=0 username
lolaferrariAuthor Commented:
that's a terrific and very good answer!!!!!!!
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