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need Websocket Server

We would like to create a website which displays real-time data. It appears what we need and lack is a decent Websocket Server. Any suggestions where we can find such a beast?

I found one comment which said: "You need a specialized server, Apache does not come with websockets."

So has someone developed an expansion module for Apache to make it a Websocket Server?

Are any of these Websocket Servers robust and secure?

I've seen many promising packages, but it gets quite complicated when I look into the details of how does one make this actually work, and the documentation is sparse.

Found one good page summarizing the whole idea listing various solutions, none of which are easy to implement (possibly due to lack of documentation):


I've also tried using PHP stream-socket_client, with limited success.

We need a "Websocket Client", or a "Comet Server", and I haven't found anything mainstream that's easy to use, robust, reliable.

We currently have our own handwritten web server, which works, but there's concern about security and it's been suggested we use Apache instead. Except Apache doesn't include a Websocket Server.
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Have you looked into HTML5 websockets? Is this feasible or do you have to cater for older browsers?
deleydAuthor Commented:
Do HTML5 websockets require node.js? I was looking at a demo and it said it used node.js
talks about  "node-web-socket & server". I thought HTML5 websockets didn't require a special server.

I've been wanting to do HTML5 websockets, but people tell me that technology isn't quite supported well enough yet.

I also thought Just tell the customer to use a web browser which supports HTML5.

Do the tiny web browsers on smart phones support HTML5 yet? (I don't have a smart phone. Don't know what web browsers are available for it.)

It would save us a ton of trouble if we just used HTML5 websockets.

In the meantime, is there a websocket server that will give us the functionality?
Websockets will work in any HTML5 browsers - which means all smartphones (well maybe not the older ones)
You do need server software to handle them, something like

There are Apache plugins like
The tut here is fairly simple to follow and get going.

Of course you can go the route of the likes of Comet, but they are a lot harder to set up and get going, (I have tried)

(Websockets in IE are only avaible from IE10+)
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deleydAuthor Commented:
pywebsocket says, "pywebsocket is intended for testing or experimental purposes." Does that mean I shouldn't use it?

jWebSocket looks like a possibility.

Is there a list somewhere of all available websocket servers comparing them?

How about this C# websocket server? http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/57060/Web-Socket-Server

I don't really know how to evaluate any of these to determine if they are suitable.
Yes Apache support is flaky
That link is an homegrown solution from 3 years ago, I would be averse to using it.

There is a list of available servers here but I cannot find a comparison list.
deleydAuthor Commented:
Where is the list of available servers?
deleydAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I also found a list of supported web browsers at

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