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Formatting issues with Excel 2007 between workstations

I have an issue going on between 2 workstations involving formatting of a very complicated excel 2007 workbook.

Our Assistant Controller has put together a very detailed financial workbook that is color coded and formatted in a way to comply with our corporate financial department's specifications.  This workbook is stored in a shared network folder.  When the Controller opens the file for final inspection, it opens in 'compatibility mode' and there is no formatting.

Both machines are running MS Office 2007 and are both at the same patch level.  Can someone point me in the direction of an answer?

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Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
Is the document saved in 97-2003 format?

Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
That's odd.  If the machines are identical when it comes to Office (no extra plug-ins or a different version) and the patches for both Windows and Office are identical, this should work.

Have you tried putting a copy locally on the C: drive and see if the same issue happens?  I was wondering in case this is a permissions issue on the network drive (unlikely) or a network issue period.

Let me do some digging while you look at that part.

Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
ThinkSpace hit the nail on the head actually.  I just saw his reply.  My apologies.  It could either be saved on a 97-2003 format (.xls) or it was created on a higher Excel version (2010 for example) and it could be complaining.

The easiest way to fix that issue is to re-save it as an .xlsx

astringAuthor Commented:
Darned accountants.  Thanks for the refresher.
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