Backup iPhone 4 - Copy [Restore]to iPhone 4S

I have iTunes 11.1 backup of iPhone 4 on MacMini iTunes.

How to I copy (Restore?) this iPhone 4 [IOS 6.1.3] backup (has been deactivated by Verizon) to iPhone 4s [IOS 7.0.2] which now has Phone #.

iPhone 4 backup was made just prior to deactivation.

Goal is to make iPhone 4s image of iPhone 4.

Using iCloud is an option.
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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Connect phone to MacMini.
Open iTunes on MacMini.
Select iPhone.
Go to "Summary" page in iTunes.
Under "Backups," confirm that you see your desired backup listed under "Latest backups".
Click on "Restore backup" button.
Ugo MenaCommented:
Are you still using Verizon for the new 4S?

If so, you should be able to restore your iPhone4 backup to the 4S within iTunes on the MacMini.

The MicroSIM card is what has your new phone number and service activation on it.
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