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I took on the task of picking up where someone left off, in trying to fix a report in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) that someone else had composed but did not finish.

To make a long story short, I found the cause of the problem with the report that others did not.  The previous consultant had modified or perhaps composed from scratch the stored procedure that this modified report is based upon.  

In any case, a document is missing off of the report.  But, I found the document in SQL by copying one of the "UNION ALL-ish" queries, modifying the query, and running it in SQL Management Studio.  Viola!  I saw the missing document!

So, I added this modified query to the stored procedure and executed it.

Next, I went to Report Builder in SSRS where the layout of the report was created and refreshed the main dataset that is based on this stored procedure.  The three other datasets in the report are not based on it.

Anyway, the report ran, but that document is still not showing up on the report like it did in SQL Management Studio.

Frankly, I'm not as familiar with Report Builder as I am with Business Intelligence Development Studio.  Is there some other "refresh" that I should do in Report Builder to get this document to show in SSRS?

I'm really befuddled as to why adding this additional query that displays this missing document did not allow for this document to show in the report.

Any ideas are much appreciated!  Thank you!

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Is the report built on a snapshot or cache or "use live data"?

You can look (sorry my pic is my Integrated SSRS in Sharepoint). You need to get to the Managing Processing Options.

If snapshot or cache, you need to refresh there.


Hi Tony303:

Thanks, for your response!  

It's live data.  I've been running it directly in Report Builder, after modifying the stored procedure in SQL Management Studio.

The funny thing is that, when I went back into the report this AM just now, it is now working and pulling in my programming!  The missing document is, now, there!

Perhaps, after I worked on it last night, someone else picked up where I left off and "carried the ball into the end zone".  I'm checking with some of my colleagues, to see if that was the case.  

Otherwise, I guess it was a matter of closing out of Report Builder and coming back in, similar to what you suggested.



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