ServeRAID M5110 Isn't detected when attempting to install Microsoft Server 2008 r2

I have configured a RAID 5 on  a ServeRAID M5110 card.  I now stick the microsoft 2008 r2 disk in and it doesn't see the raid card as a hard drive.  I tried to download a RAID utility online but it is software to be used once the server is running.  

What am i doing wrong?
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N-WConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Either load up the RAID driver manually or you can use IBM's ServerGuide to assist you installing Windows (it contains the drivers):
Does Windows server 2008 r2 have the correct drivers injected for that specific card?
timarnold000Author Commented:
timarnold000Author Commented:
Thank you!  100 percent the solution I was looking for :)
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