Windows 7, 32 bit, delays often, 'not responding' often

ive my own windows 7 32 bit system, 4gb ram, etc.
im starting to get alot of delays, alot of pauses and waiting for 10 seconds or so when  changing tabs in chrome or scrolling thru mail in outlook, opening excel files, etc...
i recently, scanned for malware, virus', did the memory ram check, chkdsk /f/r overnight, defragged, etc..
ive alot of hdd 1Tb for the root drive, with alot of space free.
what can i check next, what can i do...
my next step my be to reinstall windows fresh on a new solid state 240gb drive i have here, maybe even upgrade the ram to 8gb...
is there any logs i can check or upload to the experts, to see if theres anything i can do before freshy install.
thanks experts.
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KwoofConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How old is this machine?  if old, I would just upgrade to a new machine with Win 8 x64 with a minimum of 4GB

I don't believe a cross-architecture upgrade is possible. (x86 to x64), so you will at least need a fresh install to stay on Win 7, but that should fix your delay problem and give you the ability to go beyond 4GB.
John HurstConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have my own windows 7 32 bit system

This is your first clue. 32-bit operating systems are dead, slow and limited to 3Gb of memory. Do not bother upgrading to 8Gb.

In addition to your virus scan, also scan with Malwarebytes to add some certainty to thinking you do not have viruses.

Before upgrading to SSD (which is fine to do), run Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files and Disk Defrag to defragment the disk (do not defrag an SSD drive). See if that helps.

A fresh install almost always helps so that is also a good strategy.

Is your computer a 32-bit computer? Rare today. Can you upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit? and if you can, 4Gb of memory is good and you will not likely use up 8Gb but it does not hurt. I have 8Gb on my Windows 7 laptop and also on my Windows 8 laptop.

.... Thinkpads_User
sanjayrajtConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1,click start button  search     run-> %temp%-> delete all temp file.
2.Stop unwanted start up programs
   click start button search msconfig.exe->start up->other then drivers and antivirus program
   disable others.

3.If you can try to use tune up utility it will find and correct small issues.

try to boot your system again.

Thank you.
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MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
yes, i have a client with windows 7 64 bit version, maybe i can 'test install' with that.
ive attached a copy of the system specs, cpu, board, ram, etc... maybe its an older board? althought this is lasty years model...?
ill try the temp cleanup, although i try to delete temp files regularly manually, as well as the defrag, etc... did the antimalware, and will try agaon.
MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
it's a combo of little things, the windows , the 32 bit, some adware, etc..
thanks experts.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@MarcHelfand - Thanks, and I was happy to help.

... Thinkpads_User
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