Is it pointless to audition for the Voice on line?


I have written many songs, and was in a tiny local band during college.

I'd like to try for the Voice on line auditions.

Is it worth it? What should I know? I don't want to wait in a line with 2,000 other people in Vegas. The online submission is very appealing. Do 10,000 entries arrive a day for them?
I'm going to ask a decent local band to record a background track for me to sing my songs over. They require two vids. I am 35 years old.
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Anthony RussoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Shows like The Voice, American Idol and such are a shortcut to fame in the music industry. It is better to wait with 2000 people for a day, than 10-20 years trying to get a break. That's the price you still have to pay.

Alternatively if you go online, you avoid the wait with 2000 others, but are just 1 of the thousands of other online videos they get so even harder to make yourself stand out.

Your age isn't their target market so that would be a strike against you I would imagine. You would have to really impress and stand out to be accepted, which I think you'd have a better chance live, than online.

Good luck.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I DVR all the singing shows, and I think the talent is just too ferocious to waste hours in a line in the sticky heat. They may even accept me only to be one of the people Simon tells to stick their head in an oven.

I spoke with my parents, who encouraged me to do this if I needed to! ! But I think I see that programming in a secure professional environment is simply more appealing. You never know. Maybe a house in suburbia with a future good woman is best.
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