Site to Site fiber but use different internet.

I have Site A that has the server, site B connects to site A over a direct underground fiber connection to upload files and do print jobs.

Is it possible, if so how, to have site A and B on separate internet connections and still use the fiber link between them for faster uploads to the server?

For the routers on both sides I will put SonicWALL TZ205's and gigabit switches.
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N-WConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, just configure the TZ 205 as you would normally (i.e. LAN on X0 and WAN on X1) and then setup an additional interface for the network between the two sites (i.e. custom zone on X2).

Then add routes to direct traffic to each site through the additional interface.
Jason O'RourkeConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
You should be able to anticipate what subnets exist at each site so you'll only need to configure your routers to route traffic to those subnets across the fibre, while using the next hop to the internet as their gateway of last resort.

If you're adding new subnets to sites regularly, a well configured routing protocol will reduce the need for you to constantly update routing tables.

- Jason
JasonDuncanworksAuthor Commented:
@ N-W

How would the IP Scheme work?

Site A                                                                              Site B                        

Public IP - WAN on X1                                            Public IP - WAN on X1
10.0.0.X -  LAN  on X0                                            10.20.0.X - LAN on  X0
10.10.0.X - LAN on X3 Direct Fiber Line                 10.10.0.X - LAN on X3 Direct Fiber

Would the DHCP server still reside on X0? How would the clients access the different subnet?
That addressing scheme looks fine. The link between both sites would only require a point-to-point network, so you could use the addresses and, both with a subnet mask of

You would then need to add a route on each Sonicwall, to give access to the other site. Something like:

Site A (which has as X3)
Source            Destination        Next-hop

Site B (which has as X3)
Source            Destination        Next-hop

DHCP server would still be on X0 for each firewall.
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