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I have a question, if i have 500 windows servers, some contains Windows 2003 & 2008, so is there any way i can change admin/root password on all at once, no need to change/login one by one.

Same question for Linux OS.

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MazdajaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should use GPO to change the password, this ensure consistency across the board -

1.Create GPO
2. Link GPO to a test OU containing the test server.
3. Link GPO to the target OU.

You should open another thread under Linux section.
There are many scriptable options from psexec, powershell, vbscript, etc.

On the Linux, you can script them as well. Using useradd -p 'newencryptedpassword' root

A script will do a change one system at a time.

The simpler approach if the option exists to centralize management of the server through the use of a centralized directory (AD/LDAP) this will be the only way that a change in the directory automatically applies to all.
This link solution is helping set up all 500 computer to open same location
or same redirect website. Adminstrator  just need set it one time and after
that 500 computer users will open the same page

And then you can change the redirect website link or whatever to
your adminstrator page that you know its server directory location so that
you can change the password or login requested anytime you want in
one page in one site only. Other 500 computers will be updated and 500 users
will be requested to input the change admin password or login if they want to access
your adminstrator page
Hope I understand your question

QlemoBatchelor and DeveloperCommented:
Of course you can use psexec or the like to remote change passwords, but the issue is that you need a single account on all those machines with the same password. This might be the account to change itself, if you want to change passwords on a regular base.
psexec is able to receive a file containing a list of machines to connect to, but managing 500 machines, and filtering for errors, gets a bit complicated here.

Other methods for repeated change are implementing a scheduled task on all machines, which look e.g. once a day at a certain file to change the password, or a script to execute, on a well-known single location. Con: the password is in plain text then.
For Windows : GPO is the only way
For Linux : Change password policy for all users and then make them change via script/via user
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