4TB RAID 6 array presented to windows 2008 R2

I plan on creating a RAID 6 array on a Perc 6i controller via 6 x 1 TB SATA drives.  I plan on presenting this to windows but only allocating 2 TBs for each logical volume.  Will this work?  Can I allocated all 4 TBs at a time?
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Yes, but when you create the virtual disks, you'll need to make sure one of them is < 2TB and load the o/S there.  Otherwise it will never be bootable.
If the OS is installed already on another array, and this is just additional space for your data, you don't have to make separate volumes. Within disk-management just make it a GPT disk and you can use all of it.

If your BIOS is UEFI, and you are using a 64bit version of 2008 (version r2 only comes as 64bit), you would also be able to install the OS to a GPT disk and it wouldn't be necessary to split the array into volumes. But as the OS should always be on a separate, not too large partition anyway, it doesn't really matter...

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gopher_49Author Commented:
okay..  I'll use the Windows partition manager during the install to allocate 100 GBs to the sys volume.. Then.. Once Windows is loaded I'll carve off 1TB increments for the data I'll be storing.  I plan on using it for D2D backups..  The backup software will be loaded on the server itself and will simply save to various logical drives...  I'll organize it in 1 TB increments to close to.

Gopher - that will not work.  The 2TB limit isn't at the partition level. It is the volume itself.  (Or target ID, or logical disk drive, whatever you want to call it).

Whatever is presented to the BIOS is what matters. When you partition a 2.1GB disk into a 2GB and 100MB disk with windows partition manager, the bios will still see the 2.1GB disk, which means it won't be bootable.
gopher_49Author Commented:
BTW- When dlethe mentions the VD's he's referring to the VD's you create on the Perc 6i controller.  You create the RAID 6 array on the Perc 6i controller.  Then you create each VD to NOT exceed 2 TB's..  In my scenario I'll create the first VD at 100 GBs, then the second VD at 2 TBs, and then the remaining for the last VD.
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