Support for accessing Project Server Databases

We are looking at performing SQL queries to access data held in Project Server. I am just wondering if there are any rules surrounding which databases are allowed to be accessed in this manner.

I know we can access the Reporting database, but not sure what the licensing/support restrictions are surrounding the Published, Draft and Archive databases.

Is there anyone out there who may know or point me in the right direction.

We are still using Project Server 2007 owner will be updating to 2013 shortly.
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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I do not know the full answer - but can give you a generic response from a vendor support perspective:

a. under no circumstances should you amend data by direct sql actions
b. performance impacts by running sql queries against the source tables would be at your risk i.e. not a support issue

You might need to refer to the EULA (or its equivalent) for more specific conditions - particularly if there might be special conditions for your organization.

{+edit} potential for locking tables also needs to be considered and if caused by your queries would be denied as a support issue
Rainer JeschorCommented:
in Project Server 2007  as well as in Project Server 2013 the only supported way to query the database is the Reporting database (in 2007) / the reporting tables/views (Schema dbo).
In Project Server 2013 all four previous existing databases are now merged together into one database - using different schema for identification:
- draft. (the old draft db)
- pub. (the old published db)
- ver (the old archive db)



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