opening query design slow for split database

hey guys,

i just split my database and put the BE on the network.

when i open up my FE and just open the design view of a query (no records loaded only just design view), it takes a long time to open up. however in my non-split database the query design view opens up instantaneously.

1) why does my split database open the query design view so slowly?

(the query name i'm opening is opxTopContainer_Sorted)

2) do yall usually develop your entire application then load it on the network or develop it half way and then load it on the network to test and continue development or just develop from the network all the way?

i think for me i should develop on the network all the way cause there are many things i can't predict (due to lack of experience) as to how slow it would be on the network. so if i develop on the network all the way i will have instant feedback and change things along the way instead of almost completing the whole project then realising that i have some major problems in it as i've not factored the network speed.
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)Connect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
As gustav has said, there are a number of network issues that can cause slowness, but even with that, it's somewhat the nature of the beast.

 Access needs to make many trips to the BE for metadata, so overall it can be very slow at times.

In situations like this, most developers will keep a copy of the BE local, link to that for development, then switch to the real BE for production.

You typically want to run on an isolated copy of the data anyway for testing.

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Try linking the backend not via a shared driveletter, not an UNC path.

developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
thanks gustav! why would that work instead of a UNC? isn't UNC better?

gustav i tried linking the BE to a shared driver letter but it's still the same. i did a C&R and tried again but still the same results = ( why is there a delay? i'm quite unclear on this
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
It has to do with the connection between the client and server.
There can be many areas to sort out here but I'm not a network guy.

developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
Oh no. This is what I'm most afraid of ha = (

What do you do when you face such problem gustav? Do you have a network guy you can call upon or what other options do you have?
Gustav BrockConnect With a Mentor CIOCommented:
I search or ask with whatever information I have: network, hardware, OS, applications (if specific). Quite often others have seen similar issues. And I call a former colleague of mine who is a network expert.

developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
i see, ok thanks guys. Jim i think it's very enlightening you've shared that the "nature of the beast" for Access is that it will hit the BE multiple times. hrmm there's just so much i don't understand about Access to make it a "normal" application. when people want a normal application they expect it to just function without a glitch - to achieve that normalcy is usually the hardest ha.

but thanks so much Jim, i really appreciate it = ) and gustav too! = ))
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