Modify script for transforming Excel spreadsheet to database format

This is follow up question to solution posted by faustulus:

I would like to modify the script in this spreadsheet to take into account a new column (PartID) inserted into the Source sheet.

This PartID should be used in the other three output sheets, in the same way that the part name.

Thank you!
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tomfolinsbeeAuthor Commented:
Please note that the column caption is taken from the Source sheet to all the others as are, in fact, the numbers - and they need not be in serial order.
Apart from the extra column, the only difference is that I moved the columns without frames in the Transformed sheet one step to the left. I thought that will look prettier. It can be moved back to where it was if you don't like it.

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tomfolinsbeeAuthor Commented:
Dear Faustulus, Many thanks for the excellent script. It worked perfectly first time on the full dataset. Apologies for the late reply, got tied up with other projects. Again, thank you!
tomfolinsbeeAuthor Commented:
Faustulus, could I trouble you to make one more change? In the script, I think there is some code that replaces hard returns within a cell with a " - ".   Is it possible to modify the script so that the part name remains exactly the same as the source document?  

p.s. The reformatting looks much better, but I'm going to ask my colleague to clean up his source file instead.

p.s.s.  Can I just comment out the part of the script that substitutes the hard return for " - "?

If there is no return there will be no effect.
If there is a return there will be a problem if it goes untreated.
I can remove the code that does the substitution, but the effect is unlikely to be an improvement.
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