Fibre Transceivers

Hi Guys,

We have been using two Planet fibre transceivers (Gigabit Ethernet Converter) 1000Base-T to 1000Base SX/LX (one at either end).

We installed HP switches recently, and would like to acquire HP Transceivers that will fit into the fibre slots on these switches.  Thus, replacing the Planet transceivers.

The problem is that I don't know much about fibre transceivers and would like to ensure that we purchase the correct item for this purchase.

I've been advised by the supplier that we should use the "J4858C HP Gigabit SX-LC Mini GBIC transceivers".

They asked me whether we are using "single" or "dual" channel, which is what I am not sure off?

Will appreciate any advice,
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAsked:
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You need to check the HBA card on the server, does this have 2 ports or 1 port is what he needs to know so he can get the appropriate transceiver. See in the second link both of them side by side.
dipopo, I am a bit confused by your post. You said to check the HBA card.  HBA cards are for Fibre Channel connections, not Ethernet connection.  

 What does the type of Fibre channel card you are using deal with Ethernet?


What type of HP switch did you get?

I am assuming you already have fibre cable installed.  What type is it?  Multi-mode or single mode?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Giltjr,

The HP switch is compatible with the J4858C transceiver - this we confirmed.

I am not sure about the single / dual channel and what type of cable it is.
It does have two separate connectors, does this mean that it is dual channel?
How can I confirm this?
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I would check the cable before you get the transceiver.  You need to know if the fibre is multi or single mode.

If you look at the first image that dipopo posted you will see "two" holes, that is NOT dual channel.  When you do fibre you have a full duplex connection and there are actually two fibre strands in  a single cable. Each strand is uni-directional.  Say you have device#1 and device#2.

One strand is the TX from device#1 and the RX on device#2, while the other strand is the RX on device #1 and TX on device #2.
@giltjr - I'm sure you have seen more than a  few Ethernet switches with SFP slots on them?

Also the OP stated:

"We installed HP switches recently, and would like to acquire HP Transceivers that will fit into the fibre slots on these switches."
Yes, I have, but you referenced HBA cards which is used for SAN connectivity, not Ethernet connectivity.

"Dual Channel" is a term I have typically seen used in the Fibre Channel SAN world where you have two FC HBA's, or a single FC HBA with dual connections, connected into the same SAN fabric an use MPIO to balance traffic across both paths.

In the Ethernet world you can have the same sort of setup, but I have never seen the term "dual channel" used and even with that the type SPF does not matter.
Yes, I referenced HBA card so as to be able to check the existing connectivity. Maybe I should have said FC connectivity module.

My guess was the OP was looking to connect to a server, and the use of the terminology "Dual Channel" was all from the OP not me.
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Let me just recap, we have two ethernet networks in two separate buildings, joined with a fibre connection.

We currently using the Planet GT702 media converter, and would like to replace the GT702 with the HP J4858C, as advised by the HP supplier.  The HP J4858C will be connected to HP 1810-24 switches at both ends.

From what I can see, the Planet GT702 is a MULTI-MODE ethernet / fibre adapter,
Thus, I assume that we will have to replace this adapter with a DUAL-MODE HP transceiver.

Hence I presume the J4858C is NOT the correct transceiver?  As Giltjr indicated that the J4858C is single mode adapter?

--- See attached an image of the current Planet GT702 converter
Not sure what I said to imply that  J4858C is single mode.  According to the spec's it is multmode.

However, based on your picture the fibre you have now uses SC connector.  SPF's use LC connector.  So you will need to get a SC-LC pig-tail connector.  If the other side is also SC, then you'll need two, one for each side.
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Hi Giltjr,

You mentioned in a post above:

Quote:  "If you look at the first image that dipopo posted you will see "two" holes, that is NOT dual channel"

The image that Dipopo posted is the J4858C image.  Thus, Giltjr I understood from you, that this was single mode (NOT dual channel).  Unless I misunderstood somehow?

So the bottom line is:
The J4858C connector (dual channel) with the HP 1810-24 switch will work for our application, all we need in additional are two SC-LC pig-tail connectors?
O.K., confusion of terms, "mode" has nothing to do with "channel."

Mode is either single or multi, and that deals.  Singlemode uses one mode of light  and multimode uses multiple modes of light.  You can read more here:

Again, I'm not sure what they meant by "dual-channel", as I have never heard the term myself when dealing with Ethernet.

I can't find anything in the description of the J4858C that mentions "dual channel" only multimode.  You need to verify that your current fibre cable is multimode.

If it is multimode, you need to know if it is 62.5/125 or 50/125.  That should be someplace on the outside if the cable.   You need to get a pigtail that matches.
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Giltjr,

I confirmed the fibre cable is 50/125.

I also managed to find 50/125 SC-LC pig-tail connector cable.

Thus with the J4858C fibre transceiver (multi-mode) and the HP 1810-24 switches we should be all ok?
Yep, you should be fine.  The  J4858C SPF supports both 62.5/125 and 50/125 Fiber.

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