AS/400 Printout WTR status

Sometimes I have problems to print from AS/400.
Normally the printer is running fine, but suddenly the printing file is with status WTR in the spool file and I need to HOLD & RELEASE for get the printout.

Knows somebody why this happens?

I am using PC5250 Emulation for terminal & printer. V5R1
The OS/400 is V6R1M1

Thanks in advance
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
WTR status on WRKSPLF means that the system is currently processing the file.  WTR means 'Writer", and a "Writer" is a special job that sends spooled files to printers or to remote systems.  

WTR is usually a normal status, and does not by itself indicate that there is an error.

How long do jobs stay in WTR status?

Next time this happens, look at the job log for the active writer job associated with this printer and post any messages you find (including second level help text - put your cursor on each message and press F1):

If the system is very busy, and writer jobs are running at low priority, your print job may just be taking a long time to complete.  If this just happens at peak system usage times, that could be the issue.

Also, if you have an unreliable connection between the IBM i and the PC running emulation, maybe that cause a spooled file to get stuck in WTR, at least for a while.

I'm not really sure from your description what emulation product you are using, but if it is much older than your IBM i OS release (which is pretty recent), you may want to consider upgrading your emulation product.  I recommend the emulator in IBM i Access for Windows V6R1 or later.

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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hi Javier,

Gary is right (as usual), it could be a "heavy" network load, so if it is possible, try to figureout when it happen and what the network speed is on those moments.

Good Luck,
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