Windows Phone removes from adress when forwarding mail

Hello there...
I have a really annoying problem with a Windows Phone.
It has an exchange mail account configured, and when I forward an email to a friend, it removes the from adress of the first email, and only shows the name.
So my friend can't reply the first mail, because he cant see the from adress...
It has all updates installed, and I have tried almost everything... Is it possible to add this in options somewhere ????

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Syswatch6000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Closing question... changed to Iphones.
David CarrCommented:
If you are forwarding a message, the sending address will be in the body of the email along with the original message. I am not sure where you are looking.
Syswatch6000Author Commented:
No one could give med a solution.
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