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I am confused about batteries for mobiles as there is a wide price range for the same thing it appears to me.

I have a BA750 battery  (1500 mamp) for my SE arc. I need a new battery and this can cost $50AUD from a shop  but on ebay and other online shops it is going for less than $10 new and is called a backup battery.

What is the difference?
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As with laptop batteries there are multiple manufactures out there. What you see unless its marked OEM is a battery from someone other than Sony-Ericsson's normal partner. With that said if the batteries have the same characteristics as the OEM you can use it in your phone. Pay attention to the mAH capacity as that will determine the length of time your battery will last with a full charge.
jagguyAuthor Commented:
my mah is 1500 and these batteries are 1200 to 1600 so what is this OK and again why is this so cheap?
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I have gone the Ebay route before and leaned a hard lesson for laptop and UPS batteries. Always get the OEM version, don't save a few bucks and get the cheap ones. The cheaper batteries are normally lower for a reason: They don't hold a charge as long as the original manufacturer's batteries.

Now I always buy the original replacement. It pays you back over time.

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