Exchange user still able to send email from phone after device removal from Server

We have Exchange 2010 running on Server 2k8 R2 Enterprise edition.  When an employee leaves or is terminated we don't disconnect the mailbox.  Instead we remove all mobile device partnerships and hide them from Exchange Address Lists (as well as disabling them in AD and putting them in a disabled user OU).  But last week we let a user go and I disabled her account, removed her mobile device partnerships and hid her from Exchange Address Lists at 10:30am on Tuesday.  The next day at 11:35am she replied to an email stating that she had been replaced.  I double checked that she was disabled in AD, and her mobile device partnership had been terminated.  She had also been removed from the exchange address lists.  

 My question is how long does it take before a smart phone will lose it's connection with Exchange Active Sync after I remove the partnership?  Basically, how the heck did she reply lol.  Any answer is much appreciated.  Thanks.
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Mahesh SharmaCommented:
If you remove device partnership, it wouldn't stop mobile phone from sync.
With next sync, mobile device will create a new partnership.
Instead Disable Active Sync for terminated user or Disable AD account or Reset Password.

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cmhtechAuthor Commented:
Mks_  "as well as disabling them in AD and putting them in a disabled user OU"
           " I double checked that she was disabled in AD"  I do disable them in AD, but I do like the reset password idea as well.  I will incorporate that in the future.  Thanks.

Talkinsmak - That is exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you!
Any time.  Glad it helped.

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