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I developed a SSRS report, it got many filters, some of the filters values depend on the
another filter values. The values coming from the Data set for each filter.

My question is, how could I enable the select all by default when the user filter one value from the other.


The main filter values 'X' and 'Y'. When the user select 'x' then other filter value should automatically selected values BASED ON THE data set values.
And this able to toggle.

thanks for help.
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ValentinoVConnect With a Mentor BI ConsultantCommented:
Unfortunately it's not a bug but a feature.  Basically the default values for a parameter are set only once.  And in the case of cascading parameters this is of course very annoying, as you've noticed.

If you really need this functionality then have a read through the following article in which Boyan Penev explains a workaround: SSRS Cascading Parameters Refresh: Solved

In that workaround he takes advantage of the following statement by MS:

We do not re-evaluate the default value for a subsequent parameter *unless* the selected value is no longer in the valid values list.
If the query for your cascading parameter contains something that gets a different value each time it's executed, GETDATE or NEWID for instance, then it complies with above rule.
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Have you tried tying the 'child' parameter to a dataset, where the dataset query type / SQL includes passing the 'parent' parameter?
Chris LuttrellSenior Database ArchitectCommented:
Look at cascading parameters in SSRS, you order the parameters and use the value from the prior one in the select to populate the dependent one(s).
keplanAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

I've uploaded the file that shows three scenarios.
the 1st one user pick the parent parameter and then user pck the another parent parameter value,
and scenario03 where user come back to the previouse main parameter where the PROBLEM
can see. It is selected only the previouse selected values.

I'm using VS2008. is this a bug?
keplanAuthor Commented:
good and thank you
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