Window Media Player Slideshow Duration

Does anyone know if the Duration for the Windows Media Player (v9) can be changed?
Right now it takes 10 seconds to go  from picture to picture.
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It's because WMP plays pictures like a movie?
That cant be changed try instead using your inbuilt slideshow, r/click desktop
 WMP Version 9 sounds like windows xp
Microsoft Windows XP - View your pictures as a slide show
Step 2: Configure Screen Saver Options

Windows 7 you'd rightclick the desktop personalize then click on slideshow, here you add the pictures and timers.
Does that help?
I have windows 7 -WMP 12  couldn't show you how to for XP.
Excellent suggestions by Merete.

To expand a little on the 1st link given by her, the built-in Windows Explorer slideshow feature in Windows XP uses exactly the same engine as is used when you Right-Click on any supported image file (jpg, gif, png, bmp, etc) and choose "Preview" from the context menu.  This is the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, and it is essentially part of your Windows Explorer "shell", so when you customize a folder and set it to display as a slideshow, this is the functionality that is used.

Once the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is opened by Right-Clicking an image and choosing "Preview", you can use the navigation buttons (and shortcut keys as described in Merete's linked page) to advance or reverse.  By design it will advance/reverse through all the supported image types in the same folder as the one that you Right-Clicked, so if there are any files like documents scanned to *.TIF/*.TIFF files, it also shows them.

You can then click the "Slideshow" button (or F11 key) to open the Window as full screen with more discrete web-type navigation buttons.  The default advance interval in Windows XP is 5 seconds, or 5000 milliseconds.  Until you decide to shorten or lengthen this interval, there is no value in your Windows Registry to dictate this, because it is a built-in default.  You can, however, ADD a new value to the registry and set its data value to the Hex equivalent of the number of milliseconds.

If, AND ONLY IF you are comfortable using Regedit to add or remove values, then you can modify the slideshow interval by navigating to the following key:


where you then create a new DWord value in that key (alongside the existing "Bounds" and "Maximize" DWord values) and name it "Timeout".

You can set the data value as follows:

Double-click on your new "Timeout" value (or Right-Click > Modify)
Change the radio button from "Hexadecimal" to "Decimal"
Enter the desired number of milliseconds in the "Value data" field
Click OK
Close Regedit
Close and reopen Windows Explorer.

Here are the Milliseconds Decimal and Hex equivalents:
1000 = 000003e8
2000 = 000017d0
3000 = 00001bb8
4000 = 00001fa0
5000 = 00001388
6000 = 00001770
7000 = 00001b58
8000 = 00001f40
9000 = 00002328
10000 = 00001770
11000 = 00002710
12000 = 00002ee0

If you are NOT comfortable using Regedit to modify the registry, then you can use the TweakUI version 2.1 (for Windows XP SP2/3 and Windows 2003 only) to change the value.  It writes directly to the registry.
(link at left below the one for Internet Explorer 8)
This downloads the very small installer package file "TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe" which you run and a new folder in your Start Menu is created named "Powertoys for Windows XP" with your TweakUI shortcut in it.

NOTE:  They made one mistake in TweakUI version (Product Version 96.02.06), and that is the value that is written to your registry from the "Explorer > Customizations > Folders To Remember" option.  I think the default is 4000 in XP.  This version doesn't mess anything up, but it won't change this particular value because it creates a new registry key with a space in it ("Bag MRU Size") rather than writing to the correct key that doesn't have a space in the name ("BagMRU Size").  I fixed it and if you are interested I have attached the corrected "TweakUI.exe" file (version (Product Version 96.02.07) which you can use to overwrite the installed file in the "C:\Windows\System32" folder.

To change the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Windows Explorer) Slideshow Interval in TweakUI just expand the "Explorer" section and click on "Slideshow".  Enter the value in milliseconds in the "Time per picture (ms)" field > Click "Apply" > Close TweakUI.

All I have available to me is Windows Media Player version 11 on Windows XP.  I will look and see if there are any registry values that can be changed or added to override the default interval of images displayed in sequence by it every 10 seconds (I think).  I am sure there isn't though, and changing the behaviour would involve messing around inside the program files and recompiling them.  That's a bit extreme and not really legal.  I can't see thewm chasing me for actually fixing TweakUI, but modifying WMP takes things a bit further.

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