Excel Match Column A,B,and C to A,B,and C on another sheet

Is there a function that I can match column A, B, and C, to A,B,and C on another sheet and if there is a match true=yes if false then No?  I have entered 850 lines of data into a database and I want to cross reference what I entered into the master and make sure everything is there and that it was entered correctly.
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Hello sharris_glascol
pls find attached a sample of this in action.
An incorrect match yields an "N/A"

here is the code

Open in new window

If you have entered the data into a database, then surely you can link the table in the database to the excel file on columns ABC. If the number of lines which appear in a select query with all fields joined then your transfer was successful.

You could also use this formula in D:
Seen attached.

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sharris_glascolAuthor Commented:
not sure this does what I want what I need is to see is that if columns A is customer number 123 column b is there item abc and column c is there price.  Need to make sure that those three columns together match on another sheet.
Hi sharris_glascol,

The easiest way to do this via formula is to add a helper column to your new master sheet. This column should contain your columns A, B, and C concatenated together with a delimiter; then use the same format on your source file to verify its existence on the master sheet.


On your new master sheet, assuming your data in A, B, and C starts in row 2, paste this into cell D2:
Then fill down through the bottom of your data.


Then, on your source file, enter the following into D2:
=NOT(ISERROR(MATCH(A2&CHAR(7)&B2&CHAR(7)&C2,'[Book2]new master sheet'!$D$2:$D$851,0)))
Don't forget to change the reference to your new master file, then fill down through the bottom of your data.
@The_Barman   Nice!
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